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God has taught older men a number of things, though — through our But our identity must, first and foremost, be grounded in Christ. Become a better husband (1 Corinthians ), rather than shopping for a better woman. say less about the preacher's ability and more about our spiritual maturity.
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This book will give you new and fresh insight on how to exactly do that. As a former atheist, Lee Strobel made a powerful comeback to the Christian faith.

It’s Never Too Late for Jesus

He is an award-winning reporter and author who uses his investigative skills to address the primary opposition and reason for doubting Christianity. He uses rational thinking and effective use of arguments case by case to prove the authenticity of the faith every Christian holds.

In this book, he addresses the argument about why God allows suffering, how miracles prove God, why so many people have never heard of Christ, and so on and so forth. This is an important question that the book of Lee Strobel satisfactorily answers. In this book, The Case of Christ, the author interviews Bruce Metzger for the purpose of examining the different possible evidence of Jesus Christ. The book considered the historical evidence, scientific evidence, and psychiatric proof of the Man who claimed to be the Son of God.

You will love to discover the many reasons to keep holding on your belief and faith. Let the book shows you that Christianity is not built on a mere blind faith. She is the author of this book. She shares her personal experience of fear, rejection, anxiety, and self-doubt. Uninvited offers hope to the hopeless and love to the loveless. You might have heard of the song, Amazing Grace.

It is a very popular song that has been translated into major languages. This is exactly what Paul Yancey want you to discover through his book. Explore the unconditional love of God in your life and why His grace should lead you to repentance and be His servant to good works. Do you really know what the Bible says? Most Christians believe that they do. However, in this book, Joe Kovacs shows you how little Christians know about their Bible.

Many Christians today are misinformed, misled, and even lied.

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Joyce Meyer addresses the possible enemies that may destroy our mind. These include worry, doubt, depression, anger, confusion, and feelings of condemnation. By using anecdotes and stories, Joyce made her point very clear, concise, and inspirational. The book inspires readers to bring every thought into captivity and avoid the thoughts that may undermine our faith in God. Though not a popular book, it sure is packed with powerful words and advice.

Want more motivation and inspiration in following God? The Pursuit of God is definitely a must read. Tozer also discusses the need for strong faith and belief in God. However, can you still trust God when even when life hurts? Trusting God is a book that discusses the different issues in our lives especially when life seems unfair, unjust, irrational, and even dreadful. Jerry Bridges, the author of the book, seeks to help readers trust God not just during the good times, but also during the bad times. By establishing in our hearts and mind the fact that God is truly in control, then that is the time we can trust God no matter what.

Do you want to learn how to trust God? Then, let this book give you the necessary insights. He died at an early age of forty-three while serving as a chaplain to British Commonwealth troops in Egypt during World War I. Thankfully before he died, he wrote this beautiful and inspirational daily devotional. The book contains the meditation of Chambers and it has been made available to the public through My Utmost for His Highest. Over 1 million copies of Spiritual Leadership have been sold all over the world.

Oswald Sanders presents the principles of leadership in both the physical and spiritual realm. It is a classic book that helps every Christian develop leadership in their own lives, families, communities, and church. Some of the topics covered in this book include the cost, responsibility, tests, qualities, and requirements of leadership. Now, he has another book that should be interesting for the Christian audience, Killing Jesus: In this book, Bill details the events leading up to the murder of the most influential and popular man in the history, Jesus Christ.

Killing Jesus gives insight into the political and historical events during the time of Christ. It helps you understand the inevitable death of Christ and how it changed the world forever.

Henry Cloud, the author of Boundaries, dispels the misconception that in order for you to be good Christian, you need to be more accommodating and unwilling to say no. However, this kind of thinking has led many Christians to become self-righteous and judgmental. Henry argues that by setting the right and reasonable boundaries, Christians will be more effective in their walk to eternal life. Discover how to set boundaries and take control of your life with Boundaries. She was admired for her courage, faith, and mercy to those who have wronged her.

She and her family help Jews escape the Nazis, and they end up being sent to a concentration camp. Thankfully, she survived and she took with her the inspiring story of triumph and faith that reigns supreme over evil. Her powerful and encouraging story gives other believers a reason to hold on to their faith even during the hardest time of their lives.

Benjamin Carson might have been more popular recently for running for the US presidency, but before that, he has gained worldwide recognition as the doctor who successfully separated Siamese twins joined at the back of the head. In this book, you will read about the daring life of Dr. Carson, from his youth to the operation table. He was raised in inner-city Detroit and has lacked motivation early in his life. However, his success story has been among the most dramatic and inspiring for people who were born in a disadvantaged position.

It provides a whole lot of summaries, charts, maps, personality profiles, life application notes, guides, commentaries, and lessons from every section of the Bible. In this book, you are given amazing guidelines on how you can get the most out of your daily Bible Study. What is real success? Or is it being the most powerful and respected politician in your country? People look at success differently.

In this book, you will discover what it really means to be successful, not based on the standards of people, but based in the eyes of God. The Seven Laws of Success is a powerful book that shows you how to attain success in life by concentrating your effort on seven principles. The best part of all this is that this book is FREE! If you are a history buff, then you should not miss the history of Christianity. In this book, Diarmaid MacCulloch digs deep into the history to investigate the very origin of Christianity. As an award-winning historian, MacCulloch takes you a tour of history and show you the major and minor events that shaped modern Christianity.

He also retells how the biggest Christian denomination came into being. These include Catholic, Orthodox, and Protestant Christians. This book is a must-have for Christians who want to understand the root of their belief. There are 66 Books in the Bible and studying them page after page can be very overwhelming.

Know Your Bible gives you an overview of all the books of the Bible, their historical background, time frame, synopsis, summary, and practical application. Do you have a dream? Maybe you are afraid of dreaming big because you are scared. If you hope to be married, better to spend your energy developing your own godliness and maturity. Become a better husband 1 Corinthians Your future wife, perfectly fit or not, will never give you the wholeness that only comes from Christ. On the other hand, if you both know who you are in Christ, you will have the right foundation for a good marriage.

That lie comes from Hollywood too. Masculinity is experiencing an identity crisis. I think we need men who have courage, especially courage in their convictions Psalm True courage comes from security, and that is only truly found in the truth about Christ John We need to be strong — strong enough to be gentle 2 Corinthians God our Father is almighty and powerful Psalm He knows compassion and is tenderhearted Isaiah Empathy matters, compassion matters, and gentleness matters.

The Marks of a Spiritual Leader

We need to be strong, dependable, and courageous. But we also need to know how to love, give, and comfort. Cling to Christ, and as you mature as a man, he will make clear to you the beauty and relevance of your union with him. Find your identity in Christ. Get Desiring God in Your Inbox A nightly brief of new resources, and peeks behind the scenes from our editorial team Subscribe.

Six Steps to Defeating Sexual Sin Few things have destroyed more marriages, stolen more joy, or strangled more souls than lust. Do you know how to fight it? Sep 17, Share. In any event if he did, there is no way the food could have remained safe to consume for the duration of days.


In addition, what kind of food was taken on board to cater for the carnivores? Old Testament, Book of genesis, Verse 8: Further to the 5 months days as indicated in verse 7: That makes the total period that the occupants remained in the ark 8 months. So the point is again relevant, where and how was the food stored to feed the occupants for 8 months? In addition, how was the food stored to prevent spoilage and remain fit for consumption? Old Testament Book of genesis, Verse 7: Old Testament Book of genesis,Verse 7: The sequence of the verses is totally out.

Yet the occupants of the ark enters the ark in verse 7: So, did it rain before they entered the ark or whilst they were aboard the ark?

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Old Testament, Book of genesis, Verse7: Old Testament Book of genesis, Verse 8: The inconsistency lies in what is being stated the different verses: According to the story of the ark, noah took upon it 2 of each kind of living beast and fowl that being male and female.

There is no mention of the beasts and fowls breeding and then noah goes on to burn, as offering, one of each kind of beast and fowl which by deductive reasoning he is left with only one of each kind of beast and fowl. So the question begs, how did the beasts and fowls populate the earth if there was only one of each left. In addition god is supposed to be a spiritual deity, and yet he smells the burnt offering and finds it to be a sweet savour.

The Christian Philosophy of Education

New Testament, 1 Corinthians, Verse At the tower of babel, god confounds the languages of the world. This contradictory to verse The inconsistency lies in the following verses which contradicts each other: New Testament, Luke, Verse 1: Old Testament, Judges, Verse 1: Whilst is it claimed that god is all powerful, verse 1: Old Testament, Exodus, Verse Old Testament, Deuteronomy, Verse Old Testament, Ezekiel, Verse When the son hath done that which is lawful and right, and hath kept all my statutes, and hath done them, he shall surely live.

The son shall not bear the iniquity of the father, neither shall the father bear the iniquity of the son: So the serpent is satan, god commands the serpent to eat dust for the rest of its life, however satan does not remain in the form of a serpent. Old Testament, Book of genesis, Verse 9: The implication is that before the flood, rainbows did not exist since god created them.

However the physical creation of rainbows is due to light refracting against the water vapour and the conditions to create the rainbow exists in nature since clouds water vapour and sunlight which was present before the flood. The purpose of this verse was to create an explanation for the existence of rainbows.

The fact that man is fallible is proof that god is not all powerful since his assumed limitless ability means that what he created should have been perfect in all aspects. God displays pleasure, anger, disappointment, regret and other human emotions. How can an all perfect spiritual being display humancharacteristics and still be regarded as the enlightened deity it is purported to be?

More specifically the male father figure attributes assigned to god clearly demonstrates that god was designed around the male father figure. Furthermore god is portrayed as having human attributes whilst simultaneously is given non-human attributes. The concept of god is therefore materially flawed since he is described as a supreme deity whilst simultaneously possession human attributes. Such a weak godly design can only be the creation of humans. Information that science has proven that is not covered or incorrectly covered in the bible: This section further proves that the bible was written by man and not inspired by some imaginary deity.

Note the bibles only mentions beasts and fowls that god created. Evolution is merely the evolving or changing by an organism to better adapt to its environment. The flu virus is a good example since it continually evolves and forms new strains. Hiv is another good example since it has not always been around and researchers are challenged to produce an anti-virus because it too continually changes its surface proteins. Drug resistant TB and extreme drug resistant TB are also good examples of evolution since the TB germ successfully counteracted the drugs used to kill it by developing resistance to those drugs.

Proof of evolution is also evident in the variety in the animal and the plant kingdoms that has formed over hundreds of years. The sky itself has no colour. Science has obviously proved that this is not the case. There is nothing divine or awe-inspiring about the bible. The bible is nothing but a collection of badly written stories that has been combined and declared to be the word of god. Yes, it contains a good number of universals truths but that's the extent of its usefulness.

The list of flaws discussed in paragraph2. If god supposedly inspired man to write the bible, why are there so many flaws, errors, inconsistency and contradictions throughout the book? By deductive reasoning it can be only concluded that thebible with its flaws, errors, inconsistencies and shortcomings, is exactly the kind of book that is expected to be produced by primitive humans in an effort to provide an explanation to the questions that they could not have known the answers to, such as:. The portrayal of god is not even consistent throughout the bible itself. The old testament portrays a vindictive, angry, vengeful deity to whom sacrifices and offerings are brought.

A god who actually comes down from heaven and walks on earth i. The new testament's god is more caring, loving and forgiving. This god cannot be seen and does not accept offerings and sacrifices but sends his son to become one. This presents us with another flaw within the bible since the bible states, as a contradiction to the afore-mentioned, that god is constant and does not change. The new testament was written nearly a century after the assumed life of jesus, yet there is no historical record of him. Rather than being an actual account of the life of jesus, the new testament was written to corroborate the fore telling of jesus as it was written in the old testament.

This is why the story of jesus aligns perfectly with the old testament. There is no historical record of jesus because he was a, plagiarised, fictional character and a fusion of mythology and the old testament. Plagiarism occurs in the bible as well. The comparison of the stories between joseph in the old testament and jesus in the new testament reveals, amongst others, the following similarities:. Just because the bible has been adopted as the word of god, does it mean that we have to accept as such.

In fact, were the bible the word of god, the standard at which it is written does not support this idea as the bible is fallible, weak and is full of contradictions and inconsistencies. The first reference to the miracles of god, as claimed by religions, is the existence of life. Just because the physical world exists, does not necessarily imply that god created it. In fact, the universe is continuing to grow and expand; do creationists therefore believe that god is currently creating more of the universe?

Yes religion offers emotional solace for those who need it but other than that, it has no tangible effect in the real world. In response to a positive event: Whilst the response to a positive event is an expression of positive feelings, the negative response is often used to console and comfort the believer.

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  • The rationale used above neither proves the existence nor the absence of god since life presents us with positive and negative events that occur whether you practice religion or not. The fact of the matter is that life does not operate in a religious framework, but religious-orientated folk choose to view life as if it does. The fact that it cannot be relied upon that only good things will happen to those who are sincere and dedicated worshippers is again proof of the absence of god. For if god is the loving and caring deity as portrayed in the new testament, then he would certainly ensure that his worshippers are cared for, do not suffer and are not over-burdened.

    For what's the purpose of being a committed practising believer when you cannot request favour and mercy from your god and he displays indifference to your existence. According to the bible: At what point did god stop speaking from the clouds to mankind. With the exclusion of religious orientated folk who are deliriously convinced that god speaks to them, there is no physical proof. According to christianity, once jesus returns he will reign forever.