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Dudes. Guys. MEN. When it comes to the male gender, there are certain things all guys simply must know. Whether its for your own personal safety, in case of.
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We checked in with 14 guys ages 19 to 56—everyone from doctors to NFL players and music industry stars. Here's what they had to say. Einstein tried to explain this with his theory of relativity and I think it was all about trying to get along with his wife. And there is absolutely nothing we can do about it! If you trim your hair, don't get upset if we don't notice. Help us along by actually wearing it in a different style that day.

Also, we actually like going shopping with you, as long as you let us pick out your outfit. And, sometimes we wonder why someone as amazing as you wants to be with us. In regards to cooking, men can do more than BBQ. All you need to do is ask—but be sure to do it after the game!

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Oh, and, men do like salads, especially if they are topped off with bacon! What should every guy know how to do? What are the things every man should know? From building fires to tying your tie, if you're a man, the things on this list are essentials for being the best, most manly man you can be. But it's not all beer and sports. Men should also know how to hold a baby and sew on a button. And I will try to make it short and sweet. Men need to be your superhero. Yes, we like to fix things. We love to cuddle you when feel sad, this creates a sense of purpose in us. We feel like we are protecting you, this is something we really value.

We can't read your mind. Because we have been created differently, we behave differently. Instead of telling your husband: I wish I can be as happy as she is", just tell him: Otherwise we won't know. And you will be pissed off. Our ego defines us. Never tell a man that he can't do something, it will hurt his self-confidence. Even if your man is struggling repairing something in the house, encourage him and tell him you feel proud of having such a husband.

This is the best way to get us on nerves. We express our feelings differently. A man may not tell you a hundred times a day that he loves you, that doesn't mean that he is careless. If you pay attention, you will see that we show our love in a different way. Ok wrote this with only one eye, which is now closing itself slowly I am falling asleep I guess I will continue tomorrow Habib Kamara Published Author Grab your copy of my book here: Into The Mind of a Woman: They won't understand what you want till you tell them.

Of course this doesn't imply on each and every men, few men are mind-readers too!!! But to rest, if you need something, specifically tell them, if you want them to do something, tell them. Don't expect that if you are not talking, they will themselves come and hug you and ask, tell them you are upset. Sad, but that's how it works. Even if you are there, your loved one may stare at other girls, so don't freak out - It's not like that they see all of them passing by with same affection as they see you, so don't restrict them to stare only at you. I tell you that will look more weird: And be lucky if you even get this from their own, and not when you finally desperately ask for.

They don't express, but that doesn't mean they don't care for you. Remember the time when you were crying, and he came, wrapped his hands around you and said 'Heyy!! Everything will be fine, honey! Now if that's not expression of love, what is? They will compare you - God, i hate this! But not like we women do, they compare you so that you can be better, not as why you are not like them. Putting them down in front of your "girlie-buddies" just for a laugh or sharing some of your private moments is not something they would be expecting.

They do laugh too, but every-time a person tolerates, does not mean he is OK with it. They are normal natural human beings too They get hurt, they cry, they also need some cuddling, so stop being the baby-doll always. Be with them no matter what the circumstance are, and you will get a relation to cherish life-long.

No they do not jump on every naked piece of meat like a dog. Men do love their children a lot. No, all females are not contracted by god to shower all the love to their kids. Nothing offensive but the general perception that mother loves more and father doesn't care is not always correct. We are not expert in reveling emotions doesn't mean that we think from our pants. We also love truly, unconditionally and fully. Men are NOT detail oriented but they are 'task' oriented. If we feel its important, then we will pay attention. Else we are really NOT bothered about your pets activities.

Men get attracted read temporarily infatuated to a lot of women , but we also reject many any females. If we are NOT following you or stopped following you, means we have lost interest in you! Also attraction is never equal to love. It is more difficult rather, much more difficult to make a man fall in love with you. For attraction the list is already very long. You may have many suitors and we have many leads!

48 Things Every Man Should Know

Men are LAZY as far as relationships are concerned. We don't text, call or meet always does not mean we have stopped loving you. We are just care free baby! Once we get that coveted YES after so much of trouble, don't expect us to follow the same rules and regulations!. We will become complacent and you can't change that!.

Girls also show unnecessary tantrums for just one date, one meeting etc. We understand that you are playing games. Get ready for 2nd innings also! Men don't cheat you behind your back. Flirting is inbuilt in them but baby, love takes time to come and to go. We are NOT 'pick up artists' waiting to get laid where ever we get a chance. Exceptions are always there though.

Men feel really jealous of their girls giving favors, likes,comments to other guys, whatever they may say. We take away one good point of yours for every bitchy act of yours. We are master calculators and always have mental spreadsheets open. You are OFF when your points become zero! Men are in born Sherlock Holmes.

You feel that we don't know what you do behind our back, baby wake up and get a shower! We shall NOT let you know always that our detectives know your each and every move and also we will use all these points when we want to break up or need the dreaded silent break up!. We do all this only for girls we truly love and only till when we are not sure of their behavior. Once we are assured that we got a 'good girl' We will sleep whole day watching cricket or do that damn research on you!

A boy hardly gets cheated twice! What should women know about men? Stop expecting him to know you I see this issue a lot.

25 Things Men Should Know How To Do

For the love of God, stop texting and calling him all the time! It was just a dream, get over it! What smart things I learnt from men Prioritise and compartmentalise: Don't let work spoil the party or fun come between your work. Any distractions need to be dealt with Be proud of your achievements: Got an award , showcase it. Aced an exam , publish it. Humility has nothing to do with self advertisement Demand: If you have worked hard , you shouldn't be ashamed to ask for it Keep it simple: There are another fishes men or jobs in the sea Value friendships: GF over a guy , everytime Support your gender - you can't pitch me against my tribe.

I love my girlfriends and support them fiercely Admire a nice butt or a 6 pack and flirt a lot. Good sex and healthy relationships keep you happy Travel and be on my own. Do my own thing and take my own decisions Resilience: In stead of running towards the jar of ice cream , I dance away the calories , sleep and eat well. Own things and keep targets. Plan and execute , just don't depend on others to do that for you Possessiveness kill relationships. I want to be happy in a relationship , I can't be suffocated by clingy people.

Over texts , too many cAlls , meeting all the time is not my thing Say what you mean , mean what you say. And I still love my high heels and sexy dresses and make up. Answered Jun 4, Throughout our lives, men have been projected as the tough guy that will not shed a single drop of tear.

That was the way how my grandmother raised her sons as well. Boys should not cry. She would reprimand them. It humiliates him to admit that he is breaking down within. That was before a close friend of his died when he finally broke down and cried on my laps after hearing about the news.

I saw his pent up tears of many years for the first time that day. Men never grow up. They are still child at heart,… Try denying something they ask for and they will sulk, and behave like a five year old kid. It seldom happen that way towards women, we age emotionally as motherhood occurs but that's seldom the case with men. They are youth at heart. Men love to be pursued too. It's not just us women that craves and enjoys the attentions and need to feel wanted. Guys have it in them as well despite of not wanting to admit it out loud. Men are emotional deep inside.

Probably more emotional than us women. Hard to believe, yes. But have you ever came across guys who are angry or mean tempered but caring at the same time? He might be a gem of a person beneath the cold exterior. I know because some men will never display any sort of emotions or hide their feelings to protect their own feelings.

Dignity and ego is an intergral part of menhood. They want to feel important and respected. To you, in your eyes if not for anyone else. They have a standard set by themselves to maintain their dignity and anyone who crosses it will face the consequence of it. Stroke his ego, and he will respect you throughout his lifetime. Ego is like an invisible crown for men. Men will never forget his ex easily. No matter how many decades it took him to start his life anew, or if his ex is no longer in the frame.

He will have a hard time moving on from his ex compared to us women. Men will stare at cute girls. Stop fussing too much about it. Not because they like them, not because he wants to be with her but just because men are wired that way. They are visual creatures and men love staring at anything cute that moves around.

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Women shouldn't make a molehill out of a mountain. Men interpret information differently compared to women. We relate emotions with everything. So, it might not seem like a bright idea to call him up to babble about someone you hate.

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Men do not give a damn about nail polish colour. They might notice your boobs first but forget the colour of your dress next. Men are funny and fun. So are women but my male friends are fun to be around compared to the girls. How do they do that? In tense situations, men do not want their women stepping up and body doubling for them.

Call it pride, call it ego, whatever, but let us handle any possible or imminent threats without your intrusion. While we may not show it as readily as women, men feel pain and suffering just like women do. It's just that society is all out of tissues when we feel like crying. Don't compare us to Josh, your last boyfriend, because all it does is make us feel as though we don't measure up in some fashion. Besides, if Josh were really all that wonderful, you'd still be dating him - wouldn't you? We get stage fright. All men aren't as comfortable with approaching women as the next guy.

For some, getting the nerve to ask a girl out is like doing gymnastics. It takes years and years of practice to get good at it. You have to understand that men face rejection more than women do. As men do most of the asking out. More is expected of us. Understand that the world expects men to be problem solvers. Nobody wants to hear explanations, they sound like excuses. They just want results. Because of this, many men feel like they have to be the best at everything they set their hands and minds to.

You have no idea how hard it is to not have a job and be a man. And you have no idea how hard it is to want intimacy and companionship from a woman when you don't have anything financially to offer her. Instead of shaming us, try supporting us through hard times. As a general rule: There's a reason it's called a "fiction". What women should know about us? There is a "us".

Men tend to follow predictable behaviors. When you really "get" one of us, chances are your life is going to be way easier than it was before.

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We just don't present them to our parents. We are FULL of insecurities. So we grow up not really knowing if we're on the right track or not. Now you understand why there's a "us". The latter works for you Mesdames!

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  • We crave attention and approval. If you are are able to feed our ego without being too blunt about it, we will worship you! We are not wired for monogamy! All men that believe this statement will cheat, all men that don't believe that phrase won't cheat. It's not a question of physiology or philosophy, it's just a belief. It has nothing to do with love and probably not even with sex, we just need to get attention and approval from someone else every now and then. We tend to take you for granted. We don't do it consciously, at one point you just become part of our everyday boring life.

    I don't have a special one but I have a warning: Well you need to make him aware We have a mother and we left her for you for a reason. Instead of threatening to leave which has nowhere the effect magazines for women seem to think it has feed our ego. Play with us, with our brain, heart and balls. We want you to be our Mother, our Lover and our Bitch But most of us will never tell you that so bluntly! We need advices and approval from you Mother.

    Sometimes we need to make love, sometimes we need to empty our balls Bitch. Women give sex to receive love, men give love to receive sex. When you "get" that, each and every interaction with the other kind will be facilitated. Please don't judge us, let lonely women do that for you We do have emotions, you see.

    Growing up i saw my father running for his friend's help even at midnight. Then i saw my school friends who delivered messages to their friend's crush. You never know how the girl might react: In college i had the opportunity to meet 2 inseparable seniors who just knew what other thought and helped him out. At office even in corporate world's cut-throat atmosphere i saw guys going out for smoke and talking. Actual and not superficial talking. Last night i was talking to a friend after a week and he hung up. And he has to calm him down.


    I was like are you even in contact with him?